Anticyclone is a musical project conceived in Italy in 2019 by Alberto Soleiman and Angelo Freda, two friends who sharing a deep passion for music from many years. Their musical concept is based on mysterious and melancholic sounds that come out from long pads and soft synthesizer, accompained by deep and dark basslines. During the creativity processes they are placed in a small music studio with their body, but with their minds they are projected to a different kind of Universe, which transports them in a long and continuous journey.

Supported by:
Tale Of Us, Mind Against, Fideles, Øostil, IVA, The Element and many more.


Support videos

Tale Of Us playing Ruins Of Las Vegas

Mind Against playing Ruins Of Las Vegas

Øostil playing Aeternum




AETERNUM [Running Clouds]
DEPARTURE [Magnetik Music]
PATINA SENSE EP [Running Clouds]


DULCIMORE [Wout Records]
ALKAID [Us & Them]
GAMMA ORIONIS [Wout Records]